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Meet Julians!

Meet Julians!

Julians is our April pediatric patient of the month! Having graduated from feeding therapy, Julians is now eating like a champ and attending physical therapy with Generation Care Physical Therapist, Jennifer Bastian.

Julians has attended therapy services here since he was just a few months old. Julians has accomplished so much with his overall development and continues to make steady progress in his physical therapy goals. His parents, Markus & Mara, are so supportive and amazing–it has made all of the difference to everything he’s been able to accomplish!! It’s been such a joy to watch his little personality develop throughout this time, he LOVES coming to therapy to play with our kitchen and our play food. I’m pretty sure we are going to see him on the Food Network someday 🙂

— Jennifer Bastian

Julians is working to walk independently and has progressed to walking with assistance from a walker and even taking a few steps independently. Keep up the good work Julians!

If you have a child that needs physical therapy or any other pediatric therapy service, visit our Pediatric Care page to learn more about our rehabilitation services.