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Meet Haley!

Meet Haley!

Meet Haley Makowski, our Pediatric Patient of the Month for October!

Haley has been receiving occupational and speech therapy services at the NOCHS Rehabilitation facility. Occupational Therapist, Tessa Hagen MOTR/L says,

“I am always excited when Haley’s name pops up on my schedule. Her infectious smile, positive spirit, and can-do attitude shine brightly during her occupational therapy sessions. Haley has worked hard over the past few months to learn how to respond to her sensory systems as well as strengthen her fine motor and visual motor skills. Haley’s mom is awesome and her love, support, and encouragement are evident when she talks about Haley’s achievements at home!”

Haley’s mom, Autumn Celestine, says that Haley’s fine motor skills have improved a lot since starting OT.

“She’s doing better tying her shoes, buttoning, and zipping up her own clothes. She is becoming more aware of her surroundings. Her speech has improved and her reading comprehension has made gains since spring.”

Autumn says that Haley is working hard at home applying what she’s learned, too. We’re all very proud of Haley and are grateful for her supportive family! Great job, Haley!