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Meet Emerson and Ellison! Pediatric Patient of the Month for May!

Meet Emerson and Ellison! Pediatric Patient of the Month for May!

Meet Emerson and Ellison Hill, the Pediatric Patients of the Month for May 2019! Emma and Ella have been working with Jackie Bradley, DPT at Generation Care on physical therapy.

Emma and Ella’s mom, Lauren shared:
“My girls have been working towards many goals over the past ten months, but most recently have been focusing on crawling and standing.” Independently sitting with supine and achieving mobility has really allowed them to become more involved with and to explore their surroundings. Lauren believes this is one of their greatest accomplishments since starting physical therapy!

Physical therapist Jackie shared:
“Emma and Ella have been working hard over the last several months and really have been making significant gains with their functional mobility! We have been working on postural control, transitions to seated, crawling and pulling up to standing. It is wonderful to see them more motivated for movement, which means they are frequently taking each other’s toys during therapy! It has been a pleasure working with the twins and I’m excited to see them becoming more independent. Great job, girls!”