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Meet Darian! January’s Pediatric Patient of the Month!

Meet Darian! January’s Pediatric Patient of the Month!

Darian has been working hard at the Generation Care on Speech Therapy with Dave Eilers, Speech-Language Pathologist. Laura, Darian’s guardian says that he has greatly improved in making sentences with up to 5 words! His pronunciation of words has also improved greatly. “Darian was severely neglected as an infant. My hubby and I finally have guardianship of this angel. He has thrived mentally and physically with the help of professionals such as Dave Eilers!”

A few words from Dave:

Congratulations to Darian for being selected as the January Pediatric Patient of the Month. Darian has been receiving speech therapy over the past two and a half years at North Ottawa Rehab. When Darian started his speech therapy journey, he was nonverbal with limited ability to communicate wants and needs. Over the past year, Darian has made incredible gains! He is now able to communicate with words and sentences! Darian is such a hard worker, very kind, and so funny. His personality has really started to show! His parents deserve a lot of credit for always being consistent and making sure Darian has the tools to succeed. Way to go, Darian!

We are so proud of you, Darian! We hope you continue to make incredible gains and are happy to be a part of your journey!