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Meet Aubree! December’s Pediatric Patient of the Month!

Meet Aubree! December’s Pediatric Patient of the Month!

Aubree has been working on Physical and Occupational therapy with Krystina Donoghue, MS, OTR/L at the Generation Care NOCH location. She has been working on self-regulation, self-awareness, tipping her head back, and allowing hair-brushing.

Krystina, Aubree’s Occupational Therapist, says:
Aubree has made such great improvements in occupational therapy! She is always a pleasure to treat and is always coming in with a smile and lots of laughs! When Aubree first started treatment, she was fearful of movement that she was not in control of. This affected her ability to play on swings and slides at the playground with peers, as well as her tolerance for tipping her head back to wash her hair. Since starting sensory integration therapy, Aubree can now tolerate being on swings and playground equipment that she used to be fearful of. She is now going down slides with no hands! She is also doing better with hair washing at home! Aubree couldn’t have made these improvements without her parent’s implementing all of the sensory strategies learned during therapy. Aubree’s mom attends every session and is continuously learning and understanding Aubree’s sensory needs. Keep it up, Aubree!

Aubree’s most significant accomplishments so far have been being able to communicate her likes and dislikes when it comes to movement or textures like seams or rough clothing.

You’re fantastic, Aubree, keep up the excellent work!