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Meet Allyson! Pediatric Patient of the Month for January!

Meet Allyson! Pediatric Patient of the Month for January!

Meet Alyson Fethke, Pediatric Patient of the Month for January 2019! Allyson began treatment in occupational therapy with us and is now working on speech with Generation Care Speech-Language Pathologist, Kailey Washburn, M.A., CCC-SLP.

Kailey says: “Allyson is sweet, smart and a hard worker. She makes excellent progress in therapy, which helped her graduate from OT! I am always happy to see her walk through the door because I know we are going to have fun and accomplish her goals.”

Allyson’s father shared that she has been making a lot of progress in therapy with clearer sounding speech as well as speaking complete sentences now. He says that her main goals in speech therapy have been to work on the R, L, and S sounds. Allyson’s family has noticed great improvement and also mentioned they really enjoy working with the staff at the NOCH Rehab facility.

Way to go, Allyson! We’re so proud of all that you have accomplished!