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Meet Adrienne!

Meet Adrienne!

Meet Adrienne! Our sweetest little Pediatric Patient of the Month for March! Adrienne has been seeing Generation Care Speech-Language Pathologist, David Eilers for feeding therapy and Doctor of Physical Therapy, Jackie Bradley for physical therapy in the pool!
Jackie says Adrienne has made improvements in head control, kicking in the water, and is starting to work on standing in the pool. Adrienne’s giggle is contagious and she laughs and smiles throughout, even when she’s working really hard!!
Dave says she has also been working very hard on building up oral muscles and increasing acceptance of food intake. It has been a pleasure to work with smiley Adrienne and her family!
Adrienne’s mom, Bethany Taylor-Moore, and dad, Sam Moore, say that she has moved from not accepting ANY food to eating purees and oatmeal and she LOVES water therapy! We are so proud of Adrienne and the progress she’s making! We love working with her and her sweet family! Way to go Adrienne!


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