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June Pediatric Patient of the Month, Mila!

June Pediatric Patient of the Month, Mila!

Mila works with Occupational Therapy for regulation, body awareness, and motor planning and Speech Therapy to improve her expressive-receptive language in order to communicate within multiple environments

Dave Eilers MS, CCC-SLP had this to say about Mila, “She is the sweetest little girl and we have had the pleasure of working with her over the past two years. Mila started speech therapy and was non-verbal with a lot of self-harming behaviors. We started by introducing picture exchange communication, which Mila made great communication strides, we have now transitioned to verbal communication. Mila is currently producing 50+ words and her level of frustration has decreased significantly. She has also made outstanding progress with identifying objects and following multiple step directions. A lot of this progress would not have been possible without her mother, Miranda, who is so involved and such a great advocate for her daughter. Thank you for trusting us to give Mila the help she needs and deserves.”

Mila’s mom, Miranda Hutchison, says that “consistency has been the most crucial for Mila’s early intervention. Mila enjoys coming to NOCH and her therapists are an integral part of her success. Mila’s mom and brother work hard and follow instructions and suggestions to help Mila reach goals. When Mila is not in session, she enjoys going to the park or rides to the beach. ”

Way to go Mila! We are so proud of you!