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HomeSTEP – Recover at home!

HomeSTEP – Recover at home!

Generation Care’s HomeSTEP program is moving into our second year! HomeSTEP offers services to those recovering from hospitalization after surgery or a medical condition. We offer transitional physical, occupational and speech-language therapy in your home. We work closely and seamlessly with the hospital care coordinators to deliver high-quality therapy in your home either on discharge or within 24-hours after discharge. It is our goal to move you to outpatient therapy as soon as you are able, having met the goals we established on admission and ready to transition to more therapy.

In the home after discharge in those first 2-3 weeks, we focus on getting you back into your regular safe daily routine with a daily exercise plan. Once you have perfected that, it’s time to progress you further! Studies show that the sooner you get to outpatient therapy, the better outcomes you will achieve!

Not sure how to go about getting us? Just ask or call us prior to surgery and we’ll give you the information you need. We look forward to helping you be your best you! Call us today 616-935-3300.

Renee Schram, HomeSTEP Coordinator