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Exercising In the Heat

Exercising In the Heat

With many gyms still closed or requiring masks, taking a jog around your neighborhood or working out in your make-shift garage gym is ideal for many. In order to successfully work out outdoors, you’ll need to beat the scorching heat that this summer has been offering. Here are some tips for exercising outdoors this summer and beating the heat!


Avoid the hottest times of the day. The hottest hours of the day occur between 3 and 4 PM. Avoid exercising around these times to avoid the extreme heat. Try exercising in the morning or evenings in a shaded area to keep cool.


Keep yourself hydrated! Dehydration is a very common heat illness that can keep you from successfully exercising outdoors. Make sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your workout to keep your body hydrated. If your workout is going to be more intense, try drinking a sports drink!


Wear appropriate clothing. It’s best to wear loose and light-colored clothing when exercising outdoors. Avoid dark colors that absorb heat. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen!


Get acclimated to the heat. If you haven’t worked out outdoors before, it’s best to start with a light workout and work your way up. Let your body get used to the temperature before diving back into your full workout routine. Listen to your body if you start feeling exhausted or dizzy.


Keep yourself active this summer and keep exercising! Try exercising outdoors if you cannot get to a gym or don’t feel comfortable yet. There are possible dangers of working out in the heat, so make sure you listen to your body and watch for signs of fatigue or heat stroke.