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Dynavision at the BalanceSTRONG Center

Dynavision at the BalanceSTRONG Center

We have added an amazing and extremely versatile new piece of equipment to our BalanceSTRONG Center, located at our Grand Haven location clinic.

The Dynavision D2 has been shown to benefit a wide variety of populations, ranging from those recovering from brain injuries, concussions, and balance issues, to athletes and tactical athletes looking to enhance performance in their respective fields.

The Dynavision D2 incorporates target hitting utilizing peripheral vision, selective attention tasks, dual tasking with reactionary time emphasis, and can be modified to the appropriate amount of difficulty for anyone. It can also help us assist someone with visual field cuts to scan their visual fields effectively again.

Generation Care is happy to join the likes of the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Miami Dolphins, Nascar, U.S Air Force Academy, and U.S. Naval Special Warfare Command, all utilizing the Dynavision D2 to services our patients and athletes.

If you are looking to utilize this piece of equipment as part of your recovery or to enhance your skills, call our Grand Haven location at (616) 935-3300 to find out more.