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Dry Needling at the Grand Rapids Performance Center

Dry Needling at the Grand Rapids Performance Center

Dry needling is a modality that is useful for pain, dizziness, and neuromuscular dysfunction. It involves the insertion of a sterile monofilament (small diameter) needle into myofascial trigger points. The area(s) of insertion are unique to the person receiving the treatment. Some clinicians will insert a needle into a muscle and then manipulate the needle to provoke a muscular twitch signaling neurologic reset of the tissue. Others will insert multiple needles into multiple areas of the body in an effort to help re-map the brain’s perception of the body. Both are valuable tools; the former is used more as an approach to orthopedic injuries while the latter is used more as a tool of nervous system calming and neuromuscular re-education.

Injuries and pain, in general, tend to come from movement pattern dysfunctions that are based on our nervous system. Whether you are a high-level athlete or are recovering from a stroke or suffering from chronic pain, difficulty with movement and pain often begins with our neurologically-based patterns. Dry needling with multiple needles in the arms, legs, back and even the face in combination with appropriate exercise and body awareness strategies can give a new lease on life whether you are trying to be the best athlete you can be, relieve your dizziness or reduce your pain.

How does this work?
Simply put: people have a hard time tuning in to themselves. It is a lot easier for us to see other people’s problems than our own. When we place a dry needle into your tissue, your brain can’t ignore that part of your body anymore, and there is an opportunity to change the neurophysiologic pattern of the area. What is amazing about us as people is that we have the innate ability to heal. When your brain is in tune with your body, that natural ability can flourish!

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