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Debbie’s Story – Fibromyalgia

Debbie’s Story – Fibromyalgia

Read about Debbie’s experience in her own words.

“I am writing this testimonial today because of a wonderful transition in my life due to Jeff Rigley and Generation Care. Suffering from fibromyalgia for over twenty years, I have experienced a lot of pain. However, additional pain in my shoulder, scapula, hip, and leg was becoming unbearable. I have tried pain relievers and muscle relaxers with little relief.

I was sent to a pain clinic where I endured injections, an epidural in my neck and a nerve block, all of which were extremely painful and none helped. Finally, my pain doctor sent me to Generation Care. I arrived with an extreme amount of pain and overwhelmed with depression. I had little faith that this would help and I was ready to give up and give in.

My first meeting proved to be totally different from any physical therapy facility I have experienced. The education and hands-on therapy I have received from Jeff and Generation Care have given me back some sense of control over my pain and my life. I have recommended Generation Care to family and friends and will continue to do so. I truly believe that if you suffer from pain Generation Care is the place be.”

Sincerely, Debbie Letts

April 4, 2017