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Dare To Be 100 – Part 4

Dare To Be 100 – Part 4

D.A.R.E. to Be 100: Part 4 – The “R” in D.A.R.E.

By Holly Lookabaugh-Deur, PT, DSc, GCS, CEEAA

Starting in 1995, the first of 75 million baby boomers turned fifty years of age! While we know demographics, what we don’t know is – beginning in 2045, how many of these baby boomers will turn 100?

Part 4 of the series “D.A.R.E. to be 100” focuses on more of the 99 steps to living to 100. This is based on the many works of Dr. Walter Bortz, a renowned geriatrician who lives life to the fullest every day. His years of study and research have produced simple and specific ways to bind together the physiological and psychological components of successful aging using the acronym D.A.R.E. Bortz clearly states that “…two principal credentials will have to be presented if most are to make it — guts and smarts.” Having “smarts” affects each part of your life – the biological, psychological, and social components of living. You are affected individually and collectively as a member of the larger community. Knowledge is one of the two basic ingredients of living to be 100.

We are all in the era of knowledge overload, and nowhere is information more cluttered and diverse than in health care. We are vulnerable as we age, looking for the magic answer(s) and the proven solutions to taking away pain, disability, and loss of independence. We have the knowledge…Let’s weed through the next set of steps to D.A.R.E. to be 100.

“R” represents RENEWAL. Steps 54 to 71 are all about the NON- physical aspects of renewing your spirit and your mind – taking charge and finding the joy in the day instead of seeing happiness in the distance.

Step 54: recharge yourself – Make finding that good feeling a priority.
Step 55: stay in flow – Don’t isolate yourself to do it; stay in life’s “flow!”
Step 56: renew your health – Get an assessment – know your numbers!
Step 57: cherish your world – Appreciate nature – learn about it!
Step 58: think travel – Begin to see MICHIGAN – start there!
Step 59: think when, where, and why retire
Step 60: make your last nest your best – Make your home a happy place!
Step 61: beware of retirement myths – Meet with experts – stop guessing
Step 62: afford retirement – Financial strain AGES us.
Step 63: have a life money plan – Having a plan reduces stress
Step 64: be wealth fit–save – Save for what YOU want, not what your kids want!
Step 65: keep working – Having purpose keeps us young at heart!
Step 66: spend it all – Spend $ on things that matter to YOU
Step 67: lobby for yourself – Sell yourself and make the dream “job”
Step 68: use leisure – Plan leisure activities like they are your “job”
Step 69: re-learn, re-think, re-educate – Take classes, read books, conquer new information
Step 70: sleep enough – Stop listening to everyone else; do what your body feels it needs
Step 71: keep in rhythm – Dancing is good for your balance, strength…. and your soul!

Everywhere I go – the grocery store, my work, my neighborhood, the gas station, I see older adults who look “together”, rested, happy and smiling, and interacting with the world and people around them. They clearly have the “smarts” as well as the “guts” to do things their way, aging gracefully, productivity, and happily! If we can throw away the pre-conceived notion of what we THINK 90+ should look like, and think positively about our collective futures, just imagine how many 100+ adults will thrive in our beautiful West Michigan. We can D.A.R.E. to be 100!

“Aging is not lost youth, but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” – Betty Friedan (1921-2006)


For Parts 1-3 of Holly’s D.A.R.E. To Be 100 series, head to the News and Events page. Part 5 and the last article in this series will publish on September 25th.

Holly is a Board-Certified Geriatric Physical Therapist, a Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults, and an advocate for anyone who needs help to feel better! Holly’s philosophy is that aging doesn’t have to be a bad thing! You can grow old gracefully AND in good health! Head over to her bio page for her contact information if you’d like to reach out.