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Dan’s Story – LSVT Therapy for Parkinson’s

Dan’s Story – LSVT Therapy for Parkinson’s

Generation Care Speech-Language Pathologist, Elizabeth Turner, M.A., CCC-SLP, has been working with a patient in our LSVT® LOUD program. Voice amplitude is a huge issue with progressive Parkinson’s disease. LOUD® is an intensive speech therapy program for Parkinson’s patients that works to improve voice volume. Dan made incredible progress working with Liz and shared about his experience in an email to her:

“I have had a quiet voice for a long time. I believe it was my first symptom of Parkinson’s Disease although I wasn’t diagnosed with PD until several years later. I became so used to people’s reactions to my voice that I didn’t think that it could be improved. I compensated by communicating less in social settings.

My doctors encouraged me to try the LSVT speech therapy program. Liz Turner became my speech therapist. I was initially self-conscious about the exercises but Liz was very encouraging. She helped me demonstrate to myself that with regular practice I was able to speak louder. I don’t necessarily hear my voice the way others do, but the recording tools that Liz has showed me what it feels like when my voice is working better. I learned what pitch range works for me, and how much energy to put into it to make a difference. Liz had many tips and suggestions for improvement.

Liz is very friendly, encouraging and easy to talk to. I enjoyed our regular sessions together and would recommend her to others. The therapy is not a cure, but it offers knowledge of how to improve with practice.” – Dan

If you are struggling with Parkinson’s related voice issues – we can help! Learn more about all of our Parkinson’s LSVT program here and get in touch with us to set up an appointment. LSVT programs are available at all Generation Care clinic locations.