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Dale’s Story – Speech Therapy

Dale’s Story – Speech Therapy

It’s always so great to hear from patients! Read Dale Domsten’s testimonial about working with GC therapist, Elizabeth Turner!

Dale’s Story

I went to an ENT doctor to check out why I was feeling “tightness” through my throat area, which was impacting my voice. I was experiencing my voice cracking and on cold, wet/humid days my voice would disappear. I was clearing my throat a lot and it was very frustrating for me as I disliked talking on the phone, speaking in the mornings and was starting to withdraw from talking in front of groups.

After visiting the ENT doctor, he examined my throat area and had a specialist view my throat/vocal cords under video. The video showed that my vocal cords/muscles were extremely tight and not opening/closing at the correct times. As a result, they recommended me to see Generation Care for speech therapy.

I quickly appreciated the therapy processes that Liz used and how she approached them.  I was asked to perform exercises on my neck in 4 different routines.  I was asked to use blowing bubbles into water, and routines to exercise my vocal cords to exercise them and strengthen them. EVERYDAY! Since I have RA (rheumatoid arthritis), the exercises really helped my neck. She encouraged me to maximize the amount of water consumed each day and to STOP clearing my throat!!

Even though these experiences really helped, after 4 weeks she asked me to go back to the ENT clinic to have my vocal cords videoed again. It was through that process that they found a growth/cyst near my vocal cords. The doctor surgically removed the growth/cyst, which was benign, which made a huge difference in how my throat felt. I thank Liz for recommending the pursual of that process. With all the efforts she made, it was discovering the growth/cyst that made the most difference to me. I plan to continue the exercises/routines that she recommended into the future!! My voice is much better, but I still notice that on rainy, cold days I have a bit of hoarseness in my voice and hopefully my winterization in Arizona will take care of that!!

Thank you, Liz for a job well done!!!!

Dale Domsten