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Potential Students

We affiliate with many different colleges and universities, and we receive requests well in advance of any student reservation. If you are interested in a student experience with Generation Care, please ask your Clinical Coordinator to send a reservation request and/or contact us through Abby Hilgendorf, DTP, CCCE (Center Coordinator of Clinical Education).

Student observation experiences (prior to entry to a professional program) are granted per availability. An advance notice of three weeks (or greater) is required to schedule this important experience. If interested, please contact Stephanie DiCarmine for more information and to request a “Student Observation Experience Application.”

Here are some awesome testimonials from previous students:

“I learned so much more in my short observation experience at Generation Care than I did in my long experience at another facility! I was included during treatment sessions and the therapist explained so much.” 2013 Student

“Generation Care was a wonderful clinical to grow and learn skills as a student.  It is not your typical “outpatient” clinic- it provides a student to experience patients in the geriatric, neurological, pediatric, vestibular, gender health, oncology, lymph edema, sports, concussion, and a variety of other populations (they also have a pool where you can treat patients when sometimes land is just too much).  It was a great clinic where you could tell the therapists enjoyed their professions and were able to grow in their desired skills through continuing education- which was a highlight for me.” Jill – 2014 Student

“Generation Care was a facility filled with very knowledgeable clinicians who were also wonderful people, all of whom were very interested in shaping the future of physical therapy and its budding professionals. It was a very educational environment that afforded me many learning opportunities that are not generally available at other clinics. Overall, it was a fun place to be and I feel the relaxed environment was perfect for substantial growth as a clinician. I would highly recommend this site for anyone interested in observing how clinicians and patients should interact, especially if you are interested in experiencing diagnoses that are outside of typical orthopedics.”  Melissa – 2015 Student

“I can’t say enough good things about my externship placement at Generation Care. I had a great supervisor who was very knowledgeable and personable. She taught me a lot and provided me with tons of hands-on experience and feedback. It was wonderful to learn from someone who cares so much about providing top-notch care to their patients. Everyone who worked at Generation Care was friendly and inclusive and the environment was a great place to observe and to learn how professionals can successfully collaborate together.”  Brittany – 2016 Student