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Community Health Improvement Week

Community Health Improvement Week

June 3-9 is Community Health Improvement Week! The purpose of this national event is to recognize community health professionals for their passion and dedication to improving the health of the communities they serve. Here at Generation Care, every single staff member from our customer service staff to our leadership team are committed to improving the health of the people in our Lakeshore communities! Whether you need rehab services following an injury or surgery, want to improve your athletic performance or your goal is to maintain your good health, Generation Care is here for you.

Specifically this week, we want to recognize the Wellness team for GC.

Meet Jillian

In May we welcomed Jillian as our new Group Exercise Coordinator. With over 8 years as a part of the Generation Care family, Jillian has stepped into a new role and is teaching all group exercise classes (with the exception of RunSTRONG)! Jillian is a Baker College graduate with a Bachelors in Rehabilitation Science. She is ACE Certified as a personal trainer and nutritionist.  Shes also Cecchetti method ballet trained, trained in ballroom dance, and is also an accomplished natural bodybuilder competitor! Look forward to learning from Jillian at your next group exercise class!

Check out all of the Group Exercise classes available at each Generation Care location here.