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Balance and Mat Classes:

Mat Pilates Class includes comprehensive core and traditional Pilates concepts: strength, flexibility and training strategies.  (Grand Haven)

Tai Chi offers beginners a chance to challenge balance through slow flowing motions. Each posture recruits muscle, challenges balance and improves weight shifts and posture.  Join us for a class that offers benefits to all. (Grand Haven only)

Fusion is a mat class using movements of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates to create a mind-body workout. All ages and levels of fitness are welcome! Participants will find improvement in balance, leg and core strength. (Grand Haven only)

Strength and Cardio Classes:

Cardio Fitness  Come to this class for cardio and toning exercises.  Floor aerobics, kickbox, circuit training, and turbo ball are some of the activities that will be performed in this class. (Grand Haven only)

RunSTRONG  A class geared specifically for runners that focuses on improving muscular endurance, running form, core and glute stability, and performance enhancement. This class will take runners through specific exercises that target underutilized muscles necessary for peak running performance and injury prevention. (Grand Haven and Muskegon)

Zumba Fitness Dance to ZUMBA music to tone arms, thighs, and core while you improve cardiovascular fitness. (Grand Haven only)

Aquatic Classes:

Gentle Joint Aquacise This class is designed to help those with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and joint stiffness. Water exercise reduces joint stress and helps promote healthy movement and flexibility. (Grand Haven and Muskegon)

Parkinson’s Aqua Group A pool class, open to people with Parkinson’s Disease or for those neurologically impaired. (Muskegon only)