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Chronic Pain and Pediatrics

Chronic Pain and Pediatrics

Parenting is hard. Hands down.

So how do parents deal with pain in their children that is not easy to explain, or that persists for a long time (>3 months)? Chronic pain in children is a very tricky thing to navigate, as children cannot always communicate their problems and needs in a way that is clear for adults to understand. Sometimes pain in a child presents more like emotional outbursts, withdrawal, fussiness, etc. But when pain arises for no reason or persists long after an injury should have healed, then we must focus on the child’s whole picture: mental and emotional health, physical activity, body awareness, movement patterns, and much more.

A key member of the team who can help a parent and child navigate complex pain is a pediatric physical therapist who specializes in pain. We can help the child find ways to calm their body when they are in “stress mode,” educate them about how pain is an alarm system for the body, teach them ways to listen to their body more and explore different ways to move. We can collaborate with any other professionals involved in their care to make sure we are addressing all their needs.

So if you and your child are frustrated with persistent pain, reach out today so we can make parenting just a little easier! Give our Grand Rapids location a call at 616-259-4028.