Patient Testimonials

  • NFL/CFL/AFL player. Been working with Leonard for the past two years varying from lower back issues to post ACL surgery recovery and therapy. The mix of his knowledge and personality really relieve any anxiety I’m having. His manner during appointments is also fantastic. Love working with him!

    Jesse P.
  • “My voice sounds crisper, not as harsh, stronger and more expression. My sentences don’t end with losing air and trailing off and people want to listen to what I have to say now. The programs raised my level of knowledge, awareness and had wonderful training moments. Nothing I didn’t like about it; enjoyed every session.” When asked if he would recommend it, he replied “YES, totally. Both BIG and LOUD. Can’t say enough about it! So glad the program exists. It is a way to improve without need for more drugs.”

    Jim M.
  • I’m doing my home exercises 2 times per day and doing great! Back to riding and walking without pain- I have a new lease on life!

    Ellen G.
  • Thank you for giving us a clean and cheerful place for rehab.

    Donna W.
  • Everything has been very helpful and my therapist is very very good at everything she helps me with. I have really enjoyed her as a therapist.

    Bonnie B.
  • The care is outstanding! I have recommended to 2 friends now, very satisfied with their care at Generation Care.

    Phyllis R.
  • I’ve been very pleased with Generation Care; I’m so glad my sisters told me about it. My therapists and the receptionists are awesome and I love the warm pool therapy!

    Maureen M.
  • Our four year old special needs son has been receiving therapy at Generation Care for the past two years.  The gains that he has made with their pediatric therapists has been tremendous.  The therapists work closely with us on goals and ensure that their work is seamless with the therapists he has at school.  They seem to truly care about our son and we have nothing but the best to say about the quality and compassion of Generation Care’s therapists.

    Pediatric parent
  • I had an amazing opportunity to go to Generation Care’s Running Clinic in the spring. During clinic I met Zach and Jamie, who taught me how foot position and landing affects everything else in the legs. They did a thorough analysis, helped me figure out my cadence, gave me great advice and exercises specific to my needs. Totally worth the time and investment to become a better runner!  

  • Services were great!! I can’t think of changing anything! Thank you all so much for making it such a positive experience!

    Tina K.