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If you suffer from dizziness, unsteadiness or fear of falling, we can help!

BalanceSTRONG is the premier, comprehensive dizziness & balance center in West Michigan. Powered by Generation Care and West Shore Otolaryngology, our multi-specialty team includes physical and occupational therapists specializing in vestibular (inner ear), dizziness and balance diagnosis and treatment, while ENT physicians and audiology head up the vestibular testing lab. Cutting-edge technology and evidence-based interventions will assure that the source(s) of the problems are discovered, with a team approach to comprehensive recovery. BalanceSTRONG center, where success is not driven only by hope, but by knowledge and strategy! Our center has something for all ages.

We balance ourselves in all positions using 3 primary systems – the visual system (vision), the vestibular (equilibrium) system, and the somatosensory (sensation) system. Input from these systems is instantly processed automatic, protective responses. When one of these systems isn’t working correctly, we need to carefully determine the cause of the imbalance and re-train the systems to work together.

BalanceSTRONG offers:

• Biodex posturography — a diagnostic tool – predictive for risk and areas of deficits

• FreeSTEP – a suspended gait system that promotes the most effective balance training

• Advanced vestibular (equilibrium) assessment and treatment – highest level of clinical outcomes

• Post-concussion testing and residual symptom resolution

• Vision training: Multi-level hand-eye coordination training for athletes and all ages

• Vibration therapy – stimulates all-natural natural postural recovery strategies

• Hearing testing available from a licensed audiologist

• ENT physicians on site

• Vestibular diagnostics lab (VNG, VEMP, audiometrics (hearing tests) by Audiology

• Enhanced neuro-motor training for elite performance-focused athletes.

DynaVision at Generation Care

Visuo-motor reaction training device for elite athletes

• 64 raised 3D targets arranged in 5 rings

• 4×4 to encompass the full visual field

• Targets adjustable: location, color, frequency, and duration

• Tachistoscope (T-Scope) flashes numbers, letters, words, math, and icons

• Height adjustable and impact resistant


The DynaVision is an essential tool to train and assess an athletes’ ability to react to various situations, to be proactive in tracking, decision making, peripheral awareness and cognitive processing. The D2 records all of the data and enables the athlete and trainer to quantitatively assess the results thereby creating the ability to improve on the weak areas with tailored routines.

Download a pricing flyer here.

The BalanceSTRONG Center is located inside the Generation Care

Lincoln Street clinic in Grand Haven.

16760 Lincoln Street, Grand Haven, MI 49417  •  (616) 935-3300