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Anne’s Running Injury Story

Anne’s Running Injury Story

Receiving feedback from our patients is always so encouraging and helpful to us! Anne took the time to share a handwritten note with Generation Care physical therapists Scott McKeel and Heidi Brouwer after they treated her for a running injury.

Heidi & Scott,

Just a note to thank you sincerely for working with me last month. As you know, running injuries are very frustrating! I appreciate your unique approaches to my injury and your determination to get me back to the treadmill. I’m certainly not 100% but happy to say that I ran 3 miles today without pain. Thank you! Your level of professionalism was outstanding and your communication with me and each other regarding me was exceptional!

Best regards – Anne

If you are a runner and are struggling with an injury, it may be time to seek out an expert to help you to recover. Running injuries can be frustrating! Having a therapist by your side can get you back to running a lot faster! We are the runner’s advocate at GC!

Besides our physical therapists that can help you one-on-one, we also have several programs designed specifically for runners. Check out our RunSTRONG page and learn about our weekly classes in Muskegon or Grand Haven. RunSTRONG classes help runners decrease their injury risk and improve their performance. In addition, we also have a special Healthy Running Series coming up and the first session is August 14, 2018 – check out this post for more information!