An individualized, medical fitness program with team support from a licensed physical therapist, certified wellness coach and health fitness specialist.
We focus on solutions that are simple, effective, life changing and developed with our client’s unique goals and needs in mind.

 5 fundamental wellness building blocks:Chuck sled rope

  1. Formation of habits
  2. Improving movement and function- Creative exercise training sessions which emphasize full body movements and conditioning using “minimalist” exercise equipment – feel better and move easier.
  3. Life balance and stress management
  4. Understanding eating behavior and making practical changes- Keeping food and fat loss simple. We will cut through the myths and focus on the amount of food eaten, rather than what is eaten and empower you to make your own decisions.
  5. Inspire lifelong wellness- Developing strategies for increasing your daily activity and making healthy choices

How is the program implemented?

  • Following a comprehensive evaluation including critical blood work values, a personalized program is developed with the client:
    • Training sessions 2 x week
    • Wellness coaching 1  x week
    • Daily fitness, diet and habit accountability
  • Following the first month, frequency and intensity of sessions will be tailored to your needs and personal goals.

Chuck straps 2


  • Client receives home equipment kit – high-tech pedometer, portable suspension exercise training system, exercise sliders and training materials
    • 3 and 6 month program options to support lifelong change
    • Contact Jeraca to inquire: 616.935.3303