Who We Are

Generation Care is a "total care" rehabilitation and wellness organization dedicated to ALL ages and conditions, even the most complex cases.

What We Do

Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology services; Pilates Studio; Wellness classes; Aquatic, Specialty, Educational and Bridge Programs.

Our Therapy Team

Our team of talented therapists, professionals, and specialists work tirelessly to get to the source of the problem, fix it, and prevent it from even coming back! Our credentials keep growing!

Becoming A Patient

At Generation Care, we work hard to bring you the results you need with the expertise and attention you deserve.

Welcome to Generation Care

Welcome to Generation Care!

Effective January 1st, PA-360 allows consumers in Michigan to seek and receive physical therapy services WITHOUT a physician order.


Our rehabilitation team is proud to commit to you our very best therapy care, built on a foundation of:PH Quality award

  • Science:  Everything we do is backed by research.
  • Compassion: You won’t get lost in OUR health care system
  • Education:  Teaching you what we know is a critical part of our care.
  • Prevention:  We don’t want repeat customers, but we hope to earn your trust so if you need us again, you know we are here for you!
  • Service:  We focus on exceeding your expectations…every visit.
  • Communication:  We take the lead to make sure everyone on your medical team is on the same page.


At Generation Care, we understand that YOU are the total focus of what we do.  We provide health care services the way they are intended to be — intensively, intelligently, and intuitively —  and individualized to your needs. 

It is always YOUR CHOICE where you attend therapy.  Let your doctor know that Generation Care is where you want your rehabilitation journey to start and end.

Stop in for a tour today, or better yet set up an evaluation to see if we can help!

You’ll be glad you did!